Sugar Mill, PT. Sadya Balawan

Other Application


  • Enzyme for Laundry









The function enzyme in Laundry are become a pre-washing dirty/stain removal treatment for release protein stains like blood, soil, mud, and the other. so it will help the process of regular washing and make more efficiently removed the dirt.

  • Enzyme for Leather Tannery

Leather, PT. Sadya Balawan

Proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes are used in leather processing. Two type example of enzyme in Leather Tannery Industry. They will help Leather production process based on an animal skin as a raw material for the leather production purpose.

  • Feed Additive

Feed, PT. Sadya Balawan

Feed additives are used for animal nutrition. The purposes from feed additive are improving the quality of feed and the quality of food from the animal. And it will be impacted for animal performance and health in Feed industry.

  • Solid Waste & Waste Water Treatment

WWTP, PT. Sadya Balawan








Solid waste in industries is the one of important issues for environment issues. Pulp & Paper, Palm Oil and Sugar Mill generally produce a huge amount of solid waste, while landfill cost becomes costly. Solid biomass waste actually could potentially be transformed into compost or energy. Our solutions for solid waste include the provision of technical recommendation and how to manage the solid waste becomes more useful.

In order to ensure that the world is a safer and cleaner place for future generations to live in, there is an ever-increasing pressure to reduce waste and improve waste treatment from both a moral and legal perspective. We have a wealth of experience in reducing COD level in the waste water. We have range of chemicals and bi0-product for several industries which is very effective controlling COD level.

We provides several solutions which has fitter to industries.

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