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PT. Sadya Balawan (SaBa) was established on September 06, 2009 as an innovator of Specialty Chemical and Bio-product for Industries. The company dedicated to industrial needs by delivering innovative solutions with superior quality of products and/or programs which will increase customer competitive economic advantage.

Long lasting partnership with several leading Specialty Chemical and Enzyme / bio-product manufacturer, and also experiences personnel that has completely competitive advantages for customer.

SaBa dedicated to customers business objectives by designing and choosing high quality program applications and products that improve customer’s process performance.

The innovative program that we provide is a combination of Chemical / bio-products, analysis / monitoring tools, and Engineers, to ensure all programs are run successfully and provide the greatest amount of benefits to our customers. Customers can always trust SaBa as a valuable resource for expertise and excellence.

SaBa is dedicated to the customer’s business goals by designing and selecting high-quality product and program applications that enhance customer process performance.

We have several proven successful application in industrial process such as Pulp & Paper Mill, Sugar Mill, Sugar Refinery Mill, Ceramic Tile, Detergent, etc. Our job is to develop innovative solutions for production challenges, allowing our customer to make better more cost effective products.

We focus in specific program applications that deliver significant values. It is a combinations of great product an expertise on application.

PT. Sadya Balawan

Pulp & Paper Process Application


  • Refining Enzyme
  • Deinking Enzyme
  • Sticky Control Enzyme
  • Defoamer /Antifoam
  • WWTP Chemicals
  • etc
PT. Sadya Balawan

Sugar Mill / Refinery


  • Amylum control
  • Dextran control
  • Antifoam
  • Biocide
  • Etc
WWTP, PT. Sadya Balawan

Other Application


  • Enzyme for Laundry
  • Enzyme for Denim
  • Enzyme for Leather Tannery
  • Feed and Food Additive
DV-51-215, PT. Sadya Balawan

Waste Treatment


  • Solid Waste

Solid waste in industries is the one of important issues for environment issues. Pulp & Paper, Palm Oil and Sugar Mill generally produce a huge amount of solid waste, while landfill cost becomes costly. Solid biomass waste actually could potentially be transformed into compost or energy. Our sollutions for solid waste include the provision of technical recommendation and how to manage the solid waste becomes more usefull. We provides several sollutions which has fitter to industries.

  • Waste Water Treatment

In order to ensure that the world is a safer and cleaner place for future generations to live in, there is an ever-increasing pressure to reduce waste and improve waste treatment from both a moral and legal perspective.

We have a wealth of experience in reducing COD level in the waste water. We have range of chemicals and bi0-product for several industries which is very effective controlling COD level.


Our dedication to serving customers in the most effective an efficient way possible is evident in the business care standard which has structured by categories.

  1. Knowledge in depth of customer systems,
  2. Continuous Program Improvement – proved of benefits and value received for money spent
  3. Program Application manual
  4. Activity report
  5. Business review

As our commitment to the environment issues has driven to continue to develop innovative “green” applications.  We want to contribute to industries which generate waste and emissions with minimal or insignificant impact on nature.

WWTP, PT. Sadya Balawan
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